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I’m very excited to be a featured guest blogger on Everyday Mom Ideas! Check out my DIY Hair Accessories project there, and don’t miss the other cool DIY projects like making bowls out of melted CDs and making artistic shredded shirts.

I’m also having a Giveaway on Everyday Mom Ideas, for the 2 headbands that I’ve created for this project, so check it out for how to win!

2 knit headbands

I’ve been working on these for a while, and after a lot of hard work finally posted the first wristlet purse to my etsy shop!

blue-purple and red wristlet purses

The wristlet purses measure 6″ long by 4.5″ tall, and are meant to be easy to carry around, and also easy to hang onto (the wrist-sized strap) so you can take out it when you don’t want to bring a heavy giant handbag, and only need the necessities (like going out for a night on the town). The outer layer is knitted in delicate and interesting patterns, and then a fabric lining (actually two lining layers for the blue-purple wristlet) was machine-sewn to the zipper closing, and the lining hand-sewn to the knitted layer. The zipper pulls are made from the same fabric as the lining (it was pretty hard pulling the fabric right-side-out after sewing the wrist straps!).

red and black wristlet purse 1 with wrist strap

I’ve listed the red and black wristlet purse in my etsy shop, but I’m not completely satisfied with the blue-purple one yet, since the inside lining for that purse is a little too close to the zipper which makes it hard to zip closed without catching the fabric in the zipper. Sadly I think I’ll need to take out all my tiny handstitches and redo the lining (again)…! *cries*

You can see the nice lining in the pic below- making good use of the new sewing machine! Love using the zipper foot to sew really close to the zipper…which was actually bad for the blue purse as mentioned before…doh.

red and black wristlet purse- inside view

delicate blue wristlet purse 1

delicate blue wristlet purse pink inside 1

pink Sewing Machine Brother xl2610

Yep, this is the new sewing machine I got! It was only $110 on Amazon, plus I recently took advantage of the 1-year free Amazon Prime for students (hehe thanks .edu email address) so I got free 2-day shipping yay! I was so excited when I saw the giant box sitting outside my apartment door when I got home :). So much sewing and crafting to do!!!

There were a lot of options when I was shopping around, but this was pretty inexpensive, and had pretty good reviews on Amazon (mostly 4 stars). The picture is kind of small, but you can see it has lots of dials to adjust everything, very cool- stitch length, stitch width, different stitch types, and not sure what the last one is…maybe stitch tension? I skimmed through the user manual and was impressed, it has pictures and clear instructions thank you!! I still had to look up online though more about how to sew a zipper on by machine, didn’t really find anything too helpful…but it made sense after I put the zipper foot on, and there are 2 different sides you can attach the zipper foot on, depending which side of the zipper you are sewing. Anyway I thought it was pretty cool…and useful…okay and I may have also wanted to like this sewing machine because it happens to be PINK. At school I used to have a pink TI-83 graphing calculator and it was always easy to find when I lost it cause someone would find it and say who has a pink TI-83??

Anyway, I’m finishing up the first 2 knit wristlet purses I’ve been working on! I had hand-sewn a lining in the first one, before I had ordered the sewing machine, and then I thought it would really be better and sturdier to sew the lining on the machine so I took it apart :(. All that time spent making tiny little hand stitches…dohh! And I actually went fabric shopping, again, and got some nicer fabrics, one is really shiny, and pink,  and looks great on the inside of the purse! The other purse lining is softer but still a little shiny, and black.

I sewed the lining to the zippers, which sounded a little scary at first, and I put a ton of pins to hold it in place, but it got a lot easier and I only really needed a few pins by the last side :). Right now the little purses are sitting on the table, with the knit outside pinned to the finished lining, just a little more sewing (by hand) to attach the lining! yay!

I just jumped on the bandwagon and started a Christmas in July sale at my etsy shop! Get both of my amigurumi patterns (panda and sushi critter) for one- both will be emailed in PDF form :). There’s also tons of other great sales going on all over etsy so definitely check it out!

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Crochet Sushi amigurumi Chocololic Knits Mascot

amigurumi seal from front

I designed this little cute amigurumi seal for a swap-bot swap, inspired from the “kawaii” Sanrio seal Mamegoma. It’s pretty easy to make, and I tried to write the pattern down to post…but it’s pretty messy and I didn’t quite finish writing down about the tail. But if you know the basics of starting and crocheting an amigurumi, the body is worked in the round, with more increases on the top of the body, and then decreases until the tail starts. At the start of the tail, I crocheted from the body edge to the middle, and then back to the body edge around the other side, closing off half the tail and decreasing sharply to be triangular. Then I joined the yarn and did the same for the other side of the tail. I made the 2 front flippers with large increases to be somewhat triangular as well, and then sewed them on. Then I cut out felt eyes (I have sticky felt so it’s easy to attach :)) and the mouth area and sewed on the mouth with embroidery floss.

Here’s the top/side view:

amigurumi seal from top

Here’s a cute photo with the mini seal sitting pretty with the amigurumi panda and a mini panda which I also made for a swap :).

seal with pandas

This is a feature of Judy Richards’s Cats Paw Artifacts etsy shop, since she has been so kind to do a blog/shop exchange. You can check out her post about my shop at her Catldy Blog.

Judy at the Cats Paw Artifacts etsy shop makes lampwork beads and designs unique and artful jewelry. She is inspired by nature (flowers, birds) depicted in glass and loves abstract lampwork most of all with layers of glass and complexity.

There are several upcoming art shows in Oregon that she will be at, for anyone in that area:

In conjuction with Milwaukie Daze Festival
July 24
Masonic Lodge , Milwaukie Oregon
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
10636 SE Main
Milwaukie, OR

These are some more of my favorite jewelry pieces in her store:

Oriental bone earrings

and this necklace reminds me of the necklace Vanille wears in Final Fantasy XIII! I have been playing that game for about…ok this is embarrassing…probably 15-20 hours so far? I heard it was a long game but I haven’t even gotten to ride chocobos yet!

I’ve lately gotten back into some more swap-bot pic swaps (click the icon to see my SB profile)- I just finished a swap for some kawaii sticker flakes, and got some really adorable stickers from my lovely partners. I had stopped swapping for a while, and am excited to be back and checking my mailbox looking for nice packages again! My next swaps coming up are:

  • Teeny Surprise Swap in Harajuku Lovers group
  • Private swap, where I am sending a surprise small amigurumi 🙂
  • Magic Yarn Ball swap in Crafting Queens group
  • 2 blog swaps

So, I’m trying to make extra special little cute amigurumis for my swap partners, since that is my favorite thing to make! Even though the swap says “tiny surprise” I’m sure most people will send really nice things, and I want to make sure I do too! Don’t tell my swap partners yet, but I designed a few new fun, cute amigurumis that I hope they really like. Here is the first one, which actually came out bigger than I was planning at first, perhaps I will make mini sized versions for everyone? I also wrote up the crochet pattern and have added it to my etsy shop…

Panda Amigurumi 1

I also finally found time (and a tiny brief moment of not-foggy-gloomy weather) to set up an “indoors beach mini photoshoot” with the panda amigurumi hehe. I set up a beach calendar as the background in front of a window, turned on all the lights in the room, and then placed 2 lights next to the panda (what a diva!). Overall, the design is pretty simple, only go-backs I had to do were making him shorter, since I first made the body too tall and he looked weird, not as fat and jolly as I wanted. I kind of always do the “happy” kawaii eyes like the emoticon: (^_^) but this time I had to figure out the black spots under eyes, so I used felt and wasn’t sure how the white eyes would work out, but I like it. Hope you like it too! Next time, more about the other ami(s) I’m making for swaps :).

Panda Amigurumi 2

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