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How to Purl

Posted on: June 12, 2010

The second basic stitch used in knitting is called purling. It is basically the “opposite” of knitting: knitting is just pulling a row of loops through the previous row of loops, and whether you pull them through the front or the back of the row makes it “knitting” or “purling.”

Purling is not that different from knitting. After you have cast on and have your stitches ready to purl, you insert your second knitting needle through the first stitch from top to bottom instead of bottom to top. Like this:

learn to purl 1

Compared with knitting:


Then (just like the knit stitch) wrap the yarn around the needle.

learn to purl 2

And use the right-side needle pull the wrapped loop through the stitch on the left needle.

learn to purl 3

Then to finish the stitch, slide the stitch on the left needle up…

learn to purl 4

…and slide it off the end of the left needle.

learn to purl 5

Ta-dah! It doesn’t look like much yet, but after a few rows of purling it starts looking like a scarf ^_^.

What do you do next? You can read about how you can combine the basic knit and purl stitches.

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Hey! Good job! these are nice!

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