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Knitting Pattern: Ipod Case (dark grey and pink), also added to etsy shop

Posted on: June 28, 2010

ipod case-pink and grey-1

I’ve finished a dark-grey and dark-pink patterned ipod case which I think came out well :). It’s a simple design, so I’m posting the general pattern on my blog and selling the finished ipod case in my etsy shop. The knitted stitch pattern I used is based on the Slipped Rib 11 stitch in the book Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein (modified for using 2 colors instead of 3, and added an extra stitch for the pattern to look better in the round).


25 g yarn, I used 100% Peruvian highland Wool (50g/109 yds skein) from

Four Size 6 double-pointed needles


Knitting Pattern:

You will have to check your gauge carefully for your case to fit the ipod.

Cast on 33 stitches (this was to make the pattern I chose look better in the round, and fitted for the ipod classic which is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.41 inches).

Distribute the stitches evenly among three needles.

Knit 2 rows in the round of straight stockinette stitch.

Continue knitting in the round using your pattern of choice. Check out which has a large number of different patterns with illustrations and instructions to create a custom ipod case.

Once your knitting has reached a few rows past 4.1 inches, or the length of your ipod, bind off half of the stitches.

Continue knitting in pattern on the half of stitches remaining, using two needles and turning the work after each row, for 1.25 inches.

Knit in pattern (half-5) of the remaining stitches, bind off 5 stitches for a buttonhole, knit in pattern to the end of the row.

Purl in pattern to the beginning of the bound-off stitches, cast on 5 stitches, purl in pattern to end of the row.

Continue knitting in pattern for 1.25 inches.

Bind off.


To prevent the bind-off edges from turning up, join yarn at edge and do a Single Crochet border all the way around the flap and opening.

Turn the ipod case inside out, and crochet along the cast-on edge to make a seam that will be hidden when turned right side out.

Weave in all ends.

Place ipod in case and determine where button should be located under the buttonhole.

Sew button underneath where the buttonhole closes.

Hope you make good use of the pattern, or if you’d be interested in my etsy listing for the finished ipod case please check it out!

If you’d like to share any of your creations please send me pictures! chocololic.knits[at]

ipod case-pink and grey-2

ipod case-pink and grey-3


4 Responses to "Knitting Pattern: Ipod Case (dark grey and pink), also added to etsy shop"

Cute! I need to make one of these!

Thank you for your interest in being a featured guest blogger at I am impressed with what you are doing here and would love to have you. If you are still interested please email me at everydaymomideas at hotmail dot com

@vicki, thanks for stopping by!
@Julia, sent you an email! looking forward to it :).

Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks x

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