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Scarves and scarf-wearing giraffes (upcoming projects!)

Posted on: June 30, 2010

I haven’t had time to take nice pictures of the new projects yet, especially since it’s been pretty cloudy and the lighting inside is pretty bad, but here are some teaser pics of what I’ve been knitting and crocheting and am almost ready to post on etsy!

pink knitted quilted scarf

This is the comfy, cozy pink “quilted” scarf I mentioned in an earlier post. The stitch features a lot of slipping stitches over other stitches, hence the puffy, quilted stitch appearance which is so nice. It was fun to make but took so much longer than I thought it would!

knitted giraffe

Another project has been this cute giraffe amigurumi! I actually first designed this for a swap-bot swap where my partner really liked giraffes. (Swap-bot name is turtlegirl11, although I am probably going to change my name to chocololic to match the etsy shop name.)

So those 2 projects are done and just need “photoshoots” to look all pretty, and next up I am working on a lacy elegant wristlet purse! I had orderedsome beautiful yarn from another etsy seller, quovadishhandspun, and I had to think a lot about what to make with it. It was so pretty I wanted to make sure whatever I knitted with it would be something worthwhile. Then from taking pictures of the ipod case, and using the Coach wristlet purse as an accessory, ta-dah! I should make my own “designer” wristlet purse with that gorgeous yarn. Check back later for the results!


Mmmm ❤ ❤ ❤ yarn…


7 Responses to "Scarves and scarf-wearing giraffes (upcoming projects!)"

Hey chocoholic — Love the projects! It is always a lot of fun to see what other crafters have in the works. I am digging the giraffe! My crochet skills are still a giant work in progress, but I really enjoy making amigurumi stuff. I’ve been meaning to try making an amigurumi sushi set myself but I have never gotten around to it.

(P.S. Glad you got the ESellerAd etsy mini working!! It looks great :D)

Cool, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the giraffe :). and thanks again for the very helpful tutorial on how to get an Etsy-mini (like) display for wordpress!

mr. giraffe is handsome!

Love the giraffe! Did the wristlet turn out? I hope to see a photo soon!

i love the scarf, beautiful stitches !

cutest lil’ giraffe ever! His eyes are so happy & sweet. Thanks for posting.
-Hotcakes on SB

Eeek, I love that yarn!!

swapbot: zilliah

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