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Cats Paw Artifacts- Lampwork Beads

Posted on: July 13, 2010

This is a feature of Judy Richards’s Cats Paw Artifacts etsy shop, since she has been so kind to do a blog/shop exchange. You can check out her post about my shop at her Catldy Blog.

Judy at the Cats Paw Artifacts etsy shop makes lampwork beads and designs unique and artful jewelry. She is inspired by nature (flowers, birds) depicted in glass and loves abstract lampwork most of all with layers of glass and complexity.

There are several upcoming art shows in Oregon that she will be at, for anyone in that area:

In conjuction with Milwaukie Daze Festival
July 24
Masonic Lodge , Milwaukie Oregon
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
10636 SE Main
Milwaukie, OR

These are some more of my favorite jewelry pieces in her store:

Oriental bone earrings

and this necklace reminds me of the necklace Vanille wears in Final Fantasy XIII! I have been playing that game for about…ok this is embarrassing…probably 15-20 hours so far? I heard it was a long game but I haven’t even gotten to ride chocobos yet!


2 Responses to "Cats Paw Artifacts- Lampwork Beads"

I love your little Ami’s! I have made tons of them and always love looking for new patterns… gonna have to check out your etsy shop 😀 Following you from the Blog Me Baby swap on Swap-Bot! ~Liz (lizzibeth226)

Thanks for sharing this great Etsy shop! {billiemonster from swap-bot ‘blog me baby’ swap}

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