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Mamegoma Mini Seal (and mini panda)

Posted on: July 15, 2010

amigurumi seal from front

I designed this little cute amigurumi seal for a swap-bot swap, inspired from the “kawaii” Sanrio seal Mamegoma. It’s pretty easy to make, and I tried to write the pattern down to post…but it’s pretty messy and I didn’t quite finish writing down about the tail. But if you know the basics of starting and crocheting an amigurumi, the body is worked in the round, with more increases on the top of the body, and then decreases until the tail starts. At the start of the tail, I crocheted from the body edge to the middle, and then back to the body edge around the other side, closing off half the tail and decreasing sharply to be triangular. Then I joined the yarn and did the same for the other side of the tail. I made the 2 front flippers with large increases to be somewhat triangular as well, and then sewed them on. Then I cut out felt eyes (I have sticky felt so it’s easy to attach :)) and the mouth area and sewed on the mouth with embroidery floss.

Here’s the top/side view:

amigurumi seal from top

Here’s a cute photo with the mini seal sitting pretty with the amigurumi panda and a mini panda which I also made for a swap :).

seal with pandas


3 Responses to "Mamegoma Mini Seal (and mini panda)"

these are adorable! I can’t believe you design these! NO way!

THey are so cute ! Wish i could make amigurumi

im only 10 and i love amigurumi too!!i also design my own.

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