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New Wristlet Purses!

Posted on: August 5, 2010

I’ve been working on these for a while, and after a lot of hard work finally posted the first wristlet purse to my etsy shop!

blue-purple and red wristlet purses

The wristlet purses measure 6″ long by 4.5″ tall, and are meant to be easy to carry around, and also easy to hang onto (the wrist-sized strap) so you can take out it when you don’t want to bring a heavy giant handbag, and only need the necessities (like going out for a night on the town). The outer layer is knitted in delicate and interesting patterns, and then a fabric lining (actually two lining layers for the blue-purple wristlet) was machine-sewn to the zipper closing, and the lining hand-sewn to the knitted layer. The zipper pulls are made from the same fabric as the lining (it was pretty hard pulling the fabric right-side-out after sewing the wrist straps!).

red and black wristlet purse 1 with wrist strap

I’ve listed the red and black wristlet purse in my etsy shop, but I’m not completely satisfied with the blue-purple one yet, since the inside lining for that purse is a little too close to the zipper which makes it hard to zip closed without catching the fabric in the zipper. Sadly I think I’ll need to take out all my tiny handstitches and redo the lining (again)…! *cries*

You can see the nice lining in the pic below- making good use of the new sewing machine! Love using the zipper foot to sew really close to the zipper…which was actually bad for the blue purse as mentioned before…doh.

red and black wristlet purse- inside view

delicate blue wristlet purse 1

delicate blue wristlet purse pink inside 1


5 Responses to "New Wristlet Purses!"

Love these purses specially the purple! I have to checkout your shop for sure 🙂

QueenQuisa *Blog me, Baby*

Those are so sweet! TrainMama liked the purple. I like the red 😛
I haven’t thought of Wristlet Purses, but I like the idea.

[Roosterruler via Blog Me, Baby on SwapBot]

Your purses are beautiful! You are very talented!!!
kellylynn9 swapbot

These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The red one is perfect for autumn – just the right shades, and a fantastic pattern.

These are so pretty, and useful.

I knit but cannot follow patterns.

Love the lacy mauve.

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