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So now that you know how to do the two basic knitting stitches, knit and purl, these two stitches can be combined to create infinite different textures and effects. You can make patterns out of knit stitches on a background of purl stitches, or vice versa.

Here is what the knitted piece looks like when you simply knit every stitch of every row. It has a row of v’s, then a row of horizontal bars, etc. This is called the garter stitch.


Here is what it looks like when you knit one row, purl the next, etc. Most people think the all-v’s look better than the garter stitch, so this is used for the right-side in many clothing patterns. It is called the stockinette stitch (abreviated st st). But the back however will be the opposite, all horizontal bars.


If you want both sides to look like nice v’s, you can use the ribbing stitch of knit 1, purl 1 for every row. You have to make sure you have an even number of stitches though, so that they line up (each stitch should be knit on one side and purl on the other). This stitch looks like knit on both sides because the purl stitches get bunched up in between the knit stitches.



The second basic stitch used in knitting is called purling. It is basically the “opposite” of knitting: knitting is just pulling a row of loops through the previous row of loops, and whether you pull them through the front or the back of the row makes it “knitting” or “purling.”

Purling is not that different from knitting. After you have cast on and have your stitches ready to purl, you insert your second knitting needle through the first stitch from top to bottom instead of bottom to top. Like this:

learn to purl 1

Compared with knitting:


Then (just like the knit stitch) wrap the yarn around the needle.

learn to purl 2

And use the right-side needle pull the wrapped loop through the stitch on the left needle.

learn to purl 3

Then to finish the stitch, slide the stitch on the left needle up…

learn to purl 4

…and slide it off the end of the left needle.

learn to purl 5

Ta-dah! It doesn’t look like much yet, but after a few rows of purling it starts looking like a scarf ^_^.

What do you do next? You can read about how you can combine the basic knit and purl stitches.

Okay, so you’ve already done Step 1: Casting On and have a bunch of stitches on the needle like this- Now what?

2.1 Have cast on ready to go!

learn to knit 1

Well knitting is basically the same as casting on except you don’t “save” the stitches on the first needle, you kick them off the end and they form a second row.

2.2 Put 2nd knitting needle under the first stitch. (To purl instead of knit you would put the needle the other way into the stitch. that will be lesson 3 though.) Remember keep the yarn on the right side.

learn to knit 2

2.3 Just like when casting on, wrap the yarn around the 2nd needle from the back to the front like this:

learn to knit 3

2.4 Also like casting on, slide the 2nd needle down and pull the wrapped yarn through the loop on the left needle.

learn to knit 4 learn to knit 5

2.5 Now the new knitting part: you have to slide the loop/stitch that’s on the left needle, off. It might be a little bulky and look weird at first but don’t worry after you get through a row or few it will shape up ^_^.

learn to knit 6 learn to knit 7

Tadah! Here is the completed first row. Again, it might not look like much, but you can see the beginning of the pretty “V”s that make up the front, knitted side. When you get to the end of the “right side” row you turn the work around to knit (or purl) the “wrong” side. The back will have horizontal bars, this is what “Purl” stitches look like. If you knit both the right and wrong sides, this is called the Garter stitch and has alternating rows of V’s and horizontal bars. It’s not as pretty as the all V’s (in the second picture)- you get this by knitting one side and purling on the other. The next lesson will show you how to purl…^_^

learn to knit 8 learn to knit 9

How do you go from a ball of yarn to knitting away and creating a masterpiece? Here’s how to get started!

Step 0: Form a Slip Knot.

Okay technically it doesn’t have to be a slip knot…but a slip knot is adjustable which can help keep your first stitch tidy after you get started.

0.1 Make a simple loop with the yarn.
0.2 Make a second loop and pull this through the first loop.
0.3 Tighten by holding loop and pulling long yarn tail.

how to make a slip knot 1 how to make a slip knot 2 how to make a slip knot 3

Step 1: Casting on- how to create stitches.

Now you have to cast on, which is making the base stitches that you can then knit. This will warm you up for the knitting too!

1.1 Slip Knot goes on the knitting needle…hold it with left hand…
1.2 Slip the second knitting needle under the stitch. The yarn should be on the right side.

how to cast on knitting 1 how to cast on knitting 2

1.3 Take the yarn and loop it around the 2nd needle like in the picture:

how to cast on knitting 3

1.4 Now you slip the 2nd needle down and pull the wrapped yarn through the loop on the first needle.

how to cast on knitting 4 how to cast on knitting 5

1.5 Now pull the loop some more and put it onto the first needle- this is the 2nd cast-on stitch. Ta-dah!

how to cast on knitting 5 how to cast on knitting 6

1.6 Now do the same thing for the 2nd stitch etc. until you have as many stitches as you want. Then see Step 2: How to Knit!

how to cast on knitting 7 how to cast on knitting 8

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