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Here it is, the first thing I’m going to post for sale in my etsy shop!

I was kind of inspired to design this cute amigurumi from a recent trip to Hawaii, after eating lots of yummy yummy sushi (the creme sauce marinated salmon sashimi (or poke really?) at Poke Stop was amaaaaazing), and also partly just because I love sushi and remember a friend had a plushie sushi pillow that I thought was the coolest thing. I’m actually a pretty picky eater, and use to only eat the sushi rolls with vegetables not raw fish, but I finally tried nigiri sushi (the kind with the slice of raw fish on top) a few years ago and at first it took getting used to but now I love love love it ^_^. Favorites are tamago (egg omelet), spicy tuna, and salmon.

Crochet sushi amigurumi

Oh but anyway back to the knitting…the crochet sushi amigurumi uses basic beginner crochet stitches, mostly single crochets, and the pattern has full detailed instructions for each piece and how to assemble it (including notes about how I like to sew the pieces together and weave in the yarn tails). I’m listing the one sushi ami I crocheted while designing the pattern, but I think I will only resell the pattern not make more amis to sell since the actual ami takes longer than it looks to make (~4.5 hours just straight crochet+assembly) so I’m not sure I’d be able to sell it at a good price.

Crochet Sushi amigurumi Chocololic Knits Mascot


Lots of work to do setting up my Chocololic Knits Etsy shop. With a little help, I got some really nice pictures of the crochet sushi amigurumi that I designed, so I’ll use that for my avatar pictures and in the shop banner. When I take pictures of some of my other creations I’ll add them to the banner as well :).

Things to do:

  • Finish designing/knitting a few more pieces for the store:
    • Still knitting a nice cushy pink scarf, the pattern looks awesome (stitch pattern here) but takes a lot longer than I realized (I watched like half a season of Desperate Housewives while knitting and still haven’t finished the scarf, and it’s not even a full scarf it’s more of a neckwarmer/scarflette!)
    • Ipod cases- designed/knit one, will probably post the pattern for free on this blog since it was a pretty simple pattern, and I have a bunch of ideas for a more complicated ipod case that has open windows so you can change songs/see the screen while in the case.
    • Maybe a bulky scarf (I got bulky yarn in really pretty colorworks but am not sure what to use it for yet) or another amigurumi design
  • Need to take photos of the ipod case and scarf
  • Figure out shipping costs, decide whether to accept personal checks, currently leaning towards only accepting paypal for simplicity. Not sure how many people would only want to pay with a check?
  • Write more blog posts about the products, and post the free pattern to get some google search traffic :).

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