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I’ve lately gotten back into some more swap-bot pic swaps (click the icon to see my SB profile)- I just finished a swap for some kawaii sticker flakes, and got some really adorable stickers from my lovely partners. I had stopped swapping for a while, and am excited to be back and checking my mailbox looking for nice packages again! My next swaps coming up are:

  • Teeny Surprise Swap in Harajuku Lovers group
  • Private swap, where I am sending a surprise small amigurumi 🙂
  • Magic Yarn Ball swap in Crafting Queens group
  • 2 blog swaps

So, I’m trying to make extra special little cute amigurumis for my swap partners, since that is my favorite thing to make! Even though the swap says “tiny surprise” I’m sure most people will send really nice things, and I want to make sure I do too! Don’t tell my swap partners yet, but I designed a few new fun, cute amigurumis that I hope they really like. Here is the first one, which actually came out bigger than I was planning at first, perhaps I will make mini sized versions for everyone? I also wrote up the crochet pattern and have added it to my etsy shop…

Panda Amigurumi 1

I also finally found time (and a tiny brief moment of not-foggy-gloomy weather) to set up an “indoors beach mini photoshoot” with the panda amigurumi hehe. I set up a beach calendar as the background in front of a window, turned on all the lights in the room, and then placed 2 lights next to the panda (what a diva!). Overall, the design is pretty simple, only go-backs I had to do were making him shorter, since I first made the body too tall and he looked weird, not as fat and jolly as I wanted. I kind of always do the “happy” kawaii eyes like the emoticon: (^_^) but this time I had to figure out the black spots under eyes, so I used felt and wasn’t sure how the white eyes would work out, but I like it. Hope you like it too! Next time, more about the other ami(s) I’m making for swaps :).

Panda Amigurumi 2


Here it is, the first thing I’m going to post for sale in my etsy shop!

I was kind of inspired to design this cute amigurumi from a recent trip to Hawaii, after eating lots of yummy yummy sushi (the creme sauce marinated salmon sashimi (or poke really?) at Poke Stop was amaaaaazing), and also partly just because I love sushi and remember a friend had a plushie sushi pillow that I thought was the coolest thing. I’m actually a pretty picky eater, and use to only eat the sushi rolls with vegetables not raw fish, but I finally tried nigiri sushi (the kind with the slice of raw fish on top) a few years ago and at first it took getting used to but now I love love love it ^_^. Favorites are tamago (egg omelet), spicy tuna, and salmon.

Crochet sushi amigurumi

Oh but anyway back to the knitting…the crochet sushi amigurumi uses basic beginner crochet stitches, mostly single crochets, and the pattern has full detailed instructions for each piece and how to assemble it (including notes about how I like to sew the pieces together and weave in the yarn tails). I’m listing the one sushi ami I crocheted while designing the pattern, but I think I will only resell the pattern not make more amis to sell since the actual ami takes longer than it looks to make (~4.5 hours just straight crochet+assembly) so I’m not sure I’d be able to sell it at a good price.

Crochet Sushi amigurumi Chocololic Knits Mascot

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